"My blood courses with arcane power, as you are about to see."

Prerequisite: Wizard class

You have learned to combine blood with arcane formulas to cast more powerful spells—your own blood. Your blood is your life, but it is also your source of power. Few wizards step upon this path to arcane mastery, because it is a path steeped in pain and soaked in blood. But you have embraced the way of blood and magic, and you have become more powerful because of it.

Blood Mage Path FeaturesEdit

Blood Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, if you use your action to make an attack that hits, that attack deals ongoing 10 damage (save ends).

Bolstering Blood (11th level): You learn to turn your own pain into additional pain for your enemies. When you use a wizard encounter power, a wizard daily power, or a blood mage power that deals damage, you can, once per turn as a free action just prior to using the power, deal either a minor wound or a severe wound to yourself.

A minor wound deals 1d10 damage to you.

A severe wound deals 2d10 damage to you.

When the power you use damages a target, you deal extra psychic damage equal to the damage you dealt to yourself.

Burning Blood (16th level): When you use your second wind, enemies within 10 squares of you take psychic damage equal to your Constitution modifier. If those enemies are currently suffering from an effect that you caused, add your Intelligence modifier. They also take ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends).

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