"I am the rogue acrobat, able to leap and roll with amazing agility. I have the grace and quickness of the great cats."

Prerequisite: Rogue class

You hone your body to a razor’s edge, adding a higher level of athletic skills to your repertoire of rogue tricks. As a master athlete, you become a rogue of a higher caliber who can surprise adversaries with unbelievable moves and amazing feats of physical stamina while remaining true to your roots as a thief and scoundrel.

Cat Burglar Path FeaturesEdit

Acrobatic Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you also gain a move action.

Body Control (11th level): Whenever you are affected by a push, a pull, or a slide, you can reduce the number of squares you move by 1 square.

Athletic Master (16th level): Roll twice whenever you make an Athletics check. Use whichever result you prefer.

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