Armor Check Penalty

Endurance's checks are based on the Constitution ability score.

Make an Endurance check to stave off ill effects and to push yourself beyond normal physical limits. You can hold your breath for long periods of time, forestall the debilitating effects of hunger and thirst, and swim or tread water for extended periods.

Some environmental hazards—including extreme temperatures, violent weather, and diseases—require you to make an Endurance check to resist and delay debilitating effects.

Endurance: No action required.

  • DC: See the table. The check DC varies based on the situation and the level of a hazard.
  • Success: You endure a particular situation.
  • Failure: You can’t try again until circumstances change or a certain amount of time has elapsed.
Task Endurance DC
Endure extreme weather Base 15
Resist disease Varies
Ignore hunger (after 3 weeks) 20 + 5 per day
Ignore thirst (after 3 days) 20 + 5 per day
Hold breath (each round after 3 minutes) 20 + 5 per round
Hold breath (maintain in a round you take damage) 20
Swim or tread water (after 1 hour) 15 + 2 per hour

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