Intimidate's checks are based on the Charisma ability score.

Make an Intimidate check to influence others through hostile actions, overt threats, and deadly persuasion.

Intimidate can be used in combat encounters or as part of a skill challenge that requires a number of successes. Your Intimidate checks are made against a target’s Will defense or a DC set by the DM. The target’s general attitude toward you and other conditional modifiers (such as what you might be seeking to accomplish or what you’re asking for) might apply to the DC.

Intimidate: Standard action in combat or part of a skill challenge.

  • Opposed Check: Intimidate vs. Will (see the table for modifiers to your target’s defense). If you can’t speak a language your target understands, you take a –5 penalty to your check. If you attempt to intimidate multiple enemies at once, make a separate Intimidate check against each enemy’s Will defense. Each target must be able to see and hear you.
  • Success: You force a bloodied target to surrender, get a target to reveal secrets against its will, or cow a target into taking some other action.
  • Failure: If you attempted to intimidate the target during combat, you can’t try again against that target during this encounter.
  • Target Becomes Hostile: Using Intimidate usually makes a target hostile toward you, even if you don’t succeed on the check.
Enemy is ... Will Defense Modifier
Hostile +10
Unfriendly +5

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