"I stand in the center of a storm you cannot see, a storm of arcane spells waiting to be snatched from the maelstrom and used as I see fit."

Prerequisite: Wizard class

To you, the arcane energy flowing through the world is like a raging storm that only you can see. Moreover, you can shape and control this arcane storm to accomplish amazing things. The storm consists of individual spells, like each drop of rain in the maelstrom, and you can pluck these spells free and direct them as you will. You are a spellstorm mage, and you stand among the arcane torrent and use it to enhance the power that you wield.

Spellstorm Mage Path FeaturesEdit

Extra Damage Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you also add one-half your level to the damage dealt by any of your standard action attacks this turn.

Storm Spell (11th level): Once per day, you can reach into the spellstorm and extract a spell you have already used so that you can use it again. Make a Wisdom check. The result indicates the kind of spell you can extract. You can instead extract a spell using a lower result than the result you rolled, if you so choose.

1–10: Encounter utility spell.

11–15: Encounter attack spell.

16–20: Daily utility spell.

21 or higher: Daily attack spell.

Storm Fury (16th level): When you first become bloodied in an encounter, you unleash a burst of arcane energy that deals 5 + your Wisdom modifier lightning damage to all your enemies within 10 squares of you.

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